Elemental : Artists Statement 

My recent work directly responds to my unwavering fascination with nature's foundational elements: land, air and water. This collection stems from time spent in nature, where I focus on the interplay of shapes, colours, and the atmosphere that envelops my surroundings. Each element that I observe of serves as a gateway to unravel the core essence of the landscapes I encounter —a process akin to peeling back layers of a story. 

In my land paintings the focus is the interplay of light and terrain. Moonlight's transformative touch on ordinary fields is captured, inviting viewers into realms of mystery. The air paintings, inspired by cloud formations, seek to ignite the same wonder that clouds evoke. Here, the canvas becomes a dreamscape woven with clouds, inviting observers to lose themselves in their shifting forms. Lastly, the water paintings transcend mere depictions of water bodies. From the tranquil sea to ethereal mists, water wears many forms, each one a reflection of its ever-shifting nature. These paintings embrace abstraction, inviting you to explore the depths of your own interpretation and emotions. 

As an artist my aim is to encourage the viewer to form their unique and personal connections with the natural world. Through "Elemental," I invite you to engage with the elements, discover their narratives and forge your own bond with the Earth.


Artists Bio – Tori Tipton 

Tori Tipton is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Yorkshire, England.

In her work she seeks to capture the wild beauty of nature, creating paintings that evoke an emotional connection. Through her use of contrast between light and shadow, Tori creates ethereal paintings that invite the viewer to explore their own interpretations. Her works are evocative, drawing on the viewer's emotions, allowing them to contemplate the feelings that may arise.

Tori has exhibited in numerous galleries and her paintings are now part of private collections across the world.